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Finetooth was established in 2006 to empower financial advisors with knowledge, so that when they make a transition, it is the right move for them and their clients.  We have successfully done so for some of the industries top advisors with books ranging from $50M - $4.5B in AUM.

In 2008, we expanded our service offering to provide firms a bespoke offering to the marketplace. We provide you with a resource that will  evaluate how your firm compares to the firms you compete with and we will advise on best practices to incorporate inorganic leads for your firm that are qualified to meet your needs.  We have successfully helped grow some of the industries top firms who range in size from $100M - $50B in AUM.


Service Offerings

Transition advice.

This solution is for Financial Advisors who want to transition into the RIA, Independent Broker Dealer or Hybrid RIA verticals. We provide due diligence on BD + Custody Platforms.

peer evaluation.

This offering is for Financial Services Firms who want to benchmark their offering against the top 5% and average firms within their peer group.

inorganic growth.

This solution is for Financial Services Firms who want to dive deep into their operation to develop a more compelling value proposition with a well defined target market.

Succession planning.

This offering is for Financial Advisors who need a starting point for establishing their exit strategy. 


“Financial Advisors need a resource who represents their interest.”

RYAN SHANKS  |  Founder



Since 2006, our focus on independent business models and the needs of our clients have made us one of the most trusted consulting firms among advisors, RIAs, IBDs and clearing firms.

Our team of experienced financial services professionals is as diverse and dynamic as the firms and advisors we work with. Our collective background includes wealth management, financial planning, valuation, recruiting, and just about everything in between. We understand that changing broker dealers or acquiring advisory businesses is no small endeavor, and we are committed to providing our clients with a personalized, highly consultative experience.

Knowing the industry inside and out is our business.  Helping clients make the most of their unique opportunities is our passion.  We look forward to sharing that passion with you.